Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Zoo Day

Nope, not this zoo.

A few weeks ago we headed to our local zoo. I have to admit... although we have a membership, I'm really not sure if I like the concept of a zoo. The idea of animals being kept in captivity bothers me. But, the idea of using the zoo as a teaching tool has me coming back. My husband and Paige will gladly tell you how I go on and on, the entire time we are there, about animal rights. Honestly, it's amazing what they will put up with in order to go see the animals. hehe

The first time we went to this zoo (when we had moved here-3 years ago), and I walked into this exhibit, I cried. It just doesn't seem right.

Now, 3 years later, watching Paige and Tyler with the Orangutan, I cried all over again. It still doesn't seem right.

Paige's favorite animal has always been the giraffe.

This zoo has quite a few peacocks. Paige loves to get up close with Daddy while he is taking pictures. Notice how far away I am. There is something that most people (unless you have been with me outdoors) do not know about me. I am TERRIFIED of birds. I know it's silly and I've tried telling my brain how ridiculous it is acting. But whenever I see a bird (or a duck, peacock, bat) that lovely fight or flight switch gets flipped to flight. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I was attacked by ducks when I was little.

Hubby, however, has absolutely zero fear. Apparently the peacock doesn't have any fear either. He did not use the zoom for this shot.

This peacock speaks "Paige". She asked it to open its feathers and it did. She got a huge kick out of it.

Tyler, on the other hand, could have cared less. Yikes! We've been busted. He just turned 2 and he still has his pacifier. Any one have any tips on how to get rid of it that doesn't involve tears (from me or Tyler)?

We were able to take it away while he was on the zoo playground but he ended up putting the wood chips in his mouth. I vote for the pacifier instead.

From dragon slayer....

to princess. She has the wave down pat.

So, what happens when you have a husband who missed his calling and should have been a photographer? (At his real job he designs high end home theater systems for installers, which he loves)

After a day at the zoo you end up with a memory stick full of flower pictures. (below are only a few)

I'm not complaining though. He gets the coolest shots.

It was such a beautiful day. We all had a great time, especially Paige.

So, why is she running away?

It was time to go to the gift shop! Shopping trumps everything in Paige's world! hehe

**********May 19th update*********
Tyler fell tonight, face first on the kitchen floor. Below is a picture of his boo boo. You can see the outline of the pacifier on his face. I was hoping that he would refuse his pacifier because it would hurt to suck on it but... no such luck. Side note... his hair looks that way because I took a cool washcloth to his face in hopes of holding down the swelling. When I looked at the pictures on the computer, his hair looked greasy. I promise, my kids are clean. hehe


Zoo Knudsen said...

Not there would be anything wrong with a day with me, right? I'm hip, up on my current events, go to bed at 6:30PM and have a prostate the size of a grapefruit. What could be better?

I'm not sure about this, but I think that Zoo animals live longer and healthier lives than their wild equivalents. The monkeys do have an abnormally high serum skittle level however, despite the many signs warning to not feed the animals.

The Preemie Experiment said...

Oh dear Zoo. My clarification on the word ZOO was meant solely to make sure that there wasn't any confusion when people saw the first picture.

Susie Korbel said...

Have you tried a visit from the Soother Fairy who needs to take it away to give to new babies?

Anonymous said...

I read a story about a mom who took her child to Build A Bear and put the paci inside the bear. That way she could still have it with her, but not suck on it. I thought it was a great idea. Hope you find something that works.

Dr. Clay said...

I wouldn't make it a stressful thing for him. He'll most likely just not want it anymore at some point but if you are really worried just transition him to using it for bedtime only first so it isn't such a shock. Then if a few months go by and he still wants it you can remove it and batten down the hatches for the week that it roughly takes for the whining to stop.

The Preemie Experiment said...

I haven't really stressed much over the pacifier issue. I guess after having Paige and stressing over MUCH bigger issues, this one seems minor. We have had quite a few comments from strangers though. Tyler is tall (wears 4T on top and 3T on the bottom)and I think people assume he is at least 3 (he just turned 2 on May 1st).

I recently read an article from a mom who simply cut off the nipple part of the pacifier and left the remaining part around the house. Whenever her child would pick it up she would act surprised and say, "It's broken?" It was an interesting way of doing it. Admittedly I laughed quite a bit thinking of the look of confusion that would be on Tyler's face. hehe

medrecgal said...

Dr. Clay...

Yours is one of the blogs I miss, since I haven't been able to read after you went least I know you're still around when I see an occasional comment on another blog.

medrecgal said...


Glad to see you posted some pics again. I'm not big on birds, either, but peacocks are beautiful! I always enjoyed seeing those animals you'd otherwise only see in books or on TV. But...nothing beat seeing many unusual and interesting animals on a trip to Alaska a few years back. That was absolutely fantastic!

Dr. Clay said...


You aren't missing anything. I made it private only because I didn't have the gumption to erase the thing. I haven't posted on it since doing so. I've been busy with my current blog which is, well, it's just a bit, how do I put this, ummmmmmm, different.

3 good eggs said...

I love the pics your husband took they are simply amazing!

The Preemie Experiment said...

Medrecgal wrote: "But...nothing beat seeing many unusual and interesting animals on a trip to Alaska a few years back. That was absolutely fantastic!"

I'm so jealous! Hubby and I have wanted to go to Alaska ever since we became involved with a behavioral research study park for wolves. That was 10 years ago.

If you ever start a blog I sure hope you will post some pics of your trip!

Nice to see you back here.

The Preemie Experiment said...

Thank you 3 good eggs!!

MommaWriter said...

Love the bumblebees!

On the pacifier thing, my daughter still had hers at 2 as well. We only gave it to her in the car (on long trips) and in her crib by then, but I was starting to get the comments too, even when the pacifier was all that calmed her down.

My advice is to keep an eagle eye out for an opportunity. I didn't know where I'd find one, but in our case, she fell on her face when we were visiting San Diego and skinned her lip. It hurt to suck on her pacifier after that, so she didn't really want to and after that, they mysteriously disappeared. She asked for it *once*...on the drive home. I told her we left it in San Diego. She never asked for it again.

Hopefully, you'll find a less painful opportunity than we did! I love the Build-A-Bear idea. Wish I'd thought of that one!

Stacey (the one with the 'e')

23wktwinsmommy said...

Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing beautiful photos of your children and your day at the zoo!!!

sheila said...

Don't ask us about the pacifier issue - I have a 13 yo that still sucks her thumb when the whim/need strikes her ... it drives her fathers family out of their tree anytime they see her do it, last summer several of them whitheringly stared me down asking "when are you going to force her to give that up" ... and consistent to my historical response, I said "she didn't ask to suck YOUR thumb did she ? No ? I thought not ...then what POSSIBLE concern could it be of yours whether she sucks her OWN thumb" .. The look of incredulity on their faces was so priceless. She has braces now, and they all said aren't you going to have the appliance put in so that she can't suck her thumb - I said ... um..what part of "No" don't you get - there are post-its all over her orthodontics chart that she is not to receive or be asked about an anti-thumbsucking appliance.

Geez ... people who comment on other peoples childrens pacifiers or thumbs REALLY, REALLY DESPERATELY need a hobby. I suggest scrapbooking or bird watching.

Nice Pics Stac and Jas...


medrecgal said...


I just did start a blog, but I have no idea how to post pictures...have to research that one...when I figure it out, I'll send you the addy for the blog.

medrecgal said...

For Dr. Clay,

Well, what's up with the new blog? I noticed that it's by invitation only, too. Now you've piqued my curiosity.

medrecgal said...


As a P.S., my pics from Alaska are not digital; they were just taken with a standard 35mm camera. So I'd have no idea how to get them onto my computer, if that's even possible. Any ideas?

Dr. Clay said...

The only blog I'm posting on is open to all. You'll just have to figure it out, or else convince Stacy to tell you privately. But you have probably read it and not realized it is by me. As I said, it is very different though there is a similar attitude I think.

The Preemie Experiment said...

mommawriter wrote: "My advice is to keep an eagle eye out for an opportunity. I didn't know where I'd find one, but in our case, she fell on her face when we were visiting San Diego and skinned her lip. It hurt to suck on her pacifier after that, so she didn't really want to and after that, they mysteriously disappeared."

Well, not only do we share the same name Stacey but looks like you are able to control Tyler with the power of suggestion. hehe

Tyler fell tonight and landed face first, with the pacifier in his mouth. He is pretty banged up. After he stopped crying (all of 2 seconds) and asked for his pacifier I was crossing my fingers that it would hurt too much.

No such luck. He went to bed with it tonight.

I added a picture of him at the end of this blog post (below the zoo pics). He looks better in the picture than he does in person.

I like Sheila's attitude and plan on suggesting a hobby to the next person who opens their mouth!

mom of lilike (2003) locke (2006) anjeni (2008) said...

We are going to the zoo for Lockes 2nd birthday on May 29th 2008. Lilike gets to take the day off of Kindy 2 :) I will be 31 weeks pregnant with Anjeni by then she should be able to hear all of the animals :) Locke is 2 years old and found his old pacifer last week. He did not know what to do wih it. Lol so he just chewed on it twisted in his mouth as it made squeaky sounds that made him laugh. I took it out of his mouth when he used to be in a deep sleep with it in. That boy will just go around and laugh for no reason lol happiest kid I know! Yet he gets all emotional when frustrated! Typical boy pulls my hair!

Anonymous said...

You can use a scanner linked to your computer to scan old 35mm camera pictures.

MommaWriter said...

I think you've got to fall on your face *without* the pacifier, Tyler! Sounds like the pacifier probably protected all the spots that would have been critical to comfortable pacifier sucking.

Still, I have to say I'm not opposed to Sheila's opinion on this matter either. I was really irritated with my mom constantly taking her "binky" out of her mouth. She needed it to stay calm sometimes. Other times, she didn't have it. Just "unplugging" her seemed awfully rude to me!


Sophie said...

This trick worked for us: put just a little vinegar on the rubber nipple. Don't pickle it or anything, just a drop or two to make it taste nasty.

Kristin said...

Only just catching up as I found you via Liz..

The Build-a-bear suggestion is awesome, however with my oldest I just let it get "lost" one day.. we had one day of mourning over "soose" and searching but after that day, it was never asked for again.

With my preemie, once we left the hospital, she never really wanted it. I had gone out and bought all sorts, and clips and the cute containers for them, had some at Nanna's, you name it.. and I still have a 4 pk never opened. She found one the other day and just chewed on it for a bit and when I said "Yucky", she handed it to me and end of story. However, I'd love a way for her to eat more and give up the bottle as easily as she did her pacifier.
She turned 2 on Feb 1, and we're still 3-4 bottles a day and regardless of when she has a bottle, I cannot get her to eat more than a few mouthfuls of anything. Oh our preemies and their challenges.