Monday, October 29, 2007

Keep It Simple

Any time I have heard/read anything from a "professional", with regards to talking to your kids about where babies come from, they always say... keep it simple.

When Paige was 5 she began asking questions. I kept it simple. I only answered questions with a direct response... no elaboration. My simple answers were never good enough for her. All it caused her to do was ask more specific questions. By the time our conversation was done, we had pretty much covered the curriculum in high school health class.

Thankfully I am not, in the least bit, shy about discussing the topic.

But, hubby is not so fortunate. He would have rather that I told her, "It's all magic."

Paige quickly caught on to this and had tons of fun chasing him around the house yelling the word "uterus".

Jump ahead almost 4 years.

Over the weekend Paige and Daddy were cuddling on the couch. I sat down to watch TV and Paige decided that it was my turn to get some cuddles. Daddy started teasing her and made a pouty face because she had left him.

"It's Mommy's turn."

"What about my turn Paige? What am I, chopped liver?"

"No Daddy but Mommy gave birth to me. You just gave the sperm."

Poor Daddy.

He magically disappeared.


Miracles said...

Oh Stacy you just gave me the best laugh, thanks so much for sharing.

terri w/2 said...

Too funny, Stacy! I remember when my girls were about 4, I babysat for a neighbor's little guy - when I changed his diaper, my daughter said "what's THAT?" I told her in correct terms "a penis - this is what little boys have." Later that night, my daughter was snuggling with dad and out of the blue said "dad, do YOU have a penis?" He said rather sheepishly "yes" - she said, can I see it? To which he responded . .TERRIIII!!!

Poor dads. .

Laura said...

ou my twin?
seriously, most mamas at the pta meetings are freaked out that i will talk about s-e-x with my kids....even the young ones. but fast forward years later and i say as mom ot an adult and teenagers that it is so worth it to empower your children this way.
you go girl!

Bec said...

lol poor Daddy.

I think my DH is going to be subject to some "uterus" shouting fun. In all the time we spent talking about our birthing plan before Miss E was born I don't think he ever once said the word "vaginal".

Kellars Mommy said...

Ohhhh too funny!!!!!!