Monday, May 7, 2007

Boy Was My Face Red!

The next few weeks will be bringing some serious topics that I will be writing about. I thought I'd start out with something funny. Stay for the laughs, share some of your own embarrassing moments and come back for the serious stuff too.

When Paige was about 5 years old, we were on the way to one of her many doc visits, listening to a CD with a song that was recorded 2 different ways, both with an electric guitar and an acoustic one.

As we entered into the lobby of the doctor's office, Paige asked (in her normal incredibly loud voice), "Mommy, which virgin do you like?" I was signing in and being handed the millionth HIPPA form to sign so I ignored her. Her actual question didn't register with me until she yelled it again.

"Mommy, which virgin do you like?"

I think it was the giggling from the nurse behind the glass window that caused me to replay what I had just heard. Before I could answer Paige or at least throw her "the mommy look" she yelled once more.

"Mommy, which virgin do you like?"

"Paige, the word is version and I like the acoustic one better."

"Version? Then what is a virgin?"

(laughter could be heard from every adult in the room)

"Paige, could you please lower your voice. We will talk about this on the way home."


Amy said...

We've all had those red-faced mommy moments... thanks for giving me a laugh tonight! :)

I stumbled across your blog a few days ago while researching Sensory Integration Disorder, as I suspect one or both of my preemie children may have it. I'm adding your blog to my favorites list- I've really enjoyed what I've read so far!

prematurelabor said...

Not my experience, as our child doesn't talk but one time in the grocery store I heard a small boy say this to his mom, while at the checkout:

"Mom, I'm going to the car now, the lady behind me smells like the cat does when he gets out of the litter box and I don't like that smell".

I think moms embarrassment was magnified by the fact that the woman behind them started to yell at the boy about manners.

Laura said...

very sweet and funny altho i can imagine it wasn't so funny at that moment.
thanks for the smile this morning

Doc's Girl said...

Too cute...:) I slip up quite often without knowing it, too, and I'm in my 20s! Like the time I told the pool table salesman that "I played better with wood."

I was so embarassed...:-P

I really enjoy reading your blog, by the way...

The Preemie Experiment said...

Thanks to everyone for sharing!

Paige gets a big kick out of embarrassing us. Most of the time she knows she doing it too (although this time she honestly did not know what she was saying).

Her most famous ones always revolve around teasing daddy about how she is growing up. She loves to yell, "daddy when can I get my first bra?" as we are passing that section. One day she chased him around the house yelling "uterus". He was running, covering his ears yelling "la la la la".

Lori said...

I actually experienced one of these moments just a few days ago! My goddaughter, who is 5, was looking in my refrigerator. She found a yogurt shake called slim & fit. She holds it up and asks, "Aunt Lori, is this yours?" I said yes, and after giving me a once over she said, quite matter of factly, "Hmmm...Lori, it isn't working." I thought her mother was going to die. I, however, found it hilarious (:

Take care,