Sunday, April 1, 2007

Who's The Fool?

Ahhhh, springtime.

The sun is warm. The flowers are blooming.

The kids can finally play outside.

And, to top it all off...

I get a notice from Google that they will print, for free, any and all of my Gmail messages for me, even pictures! Woo Hoo! Where do I sign up? I have a ton of research that I never get around to printing. You mean I could have Google do it and I won't have to burn through my supply of paper and ink? Their generosity never ceases to amaze me!

But, just as the bubble popped on my poor son, my bubble burst when I found out that Google just pulled off the biggest April Fool's joke ever.

Who ever started this stupid tradition anyway?


Chris and Vic said...

Last night in the NICU, one of the nurses was handing out sticky-notes to other nurses, saying they had a message from Mr. Lyons at the county zoo---and would they please return the call . . . and believe it or not, somebody took the bait!!!

One year, in the NICU, we took the CPR doll and rigged an alarm to go off at its bedside, and watched a nurse find the "stiff," unresponsive baby . . .

One year, we sent a fake finger down to the lab, on ice!!!

You would think we didn't have enough to do!!

Chris and Vic

Ex-Preemie said...

I don't usually participate in April Fool's jokes, but those are pretty funny!

Kerry said...

I'm just hijacking this thread for a second to thank you for your comment over on my blog.

I hadn't thought about weight gain, but that would be wonderful too. Marcus isn't horribly skinny, but he's certainly not chubby and a little bit of body fat would do him good.

I've been reading through your blog and you make me realise how lucky we've been - our 27-weeker was actually very grown up when he was born!

I'll be adding your blog to my feeds reader and keeping up with what you have to say.