Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Free On-Line Seminar on Cerebral Palsy

There is a free on line seminar on the subject of:

The Biological Basis and Treatment of Spasticity and Movement Disorders Associated with Cerebral Palsy

I've participated in quite a few of the seminars, offered through Exceptional Parent Magazine, and have always come away learning a little something.


Helen Harrison said...

I'd like to recommend two other resources as well.

A new book on prematurity has just been published (April 24th) by The National Academies Press entitled _Preterm Birth: Causes, Consequences, and Prevention_.

You can download the book, or chapters of the book, or order a print copy from the publisher's website.

Also, the abstracts for this year's Society for Pediatric Research conference have recently been put online and you can access them for free, after you have registered.

There are a huge number of abstracts but if you experiment a bit on how best to search for topics and researchers of interest, it can be a treasure trove of new preemie research.

I just did an "author" search on Terrie Inder (the MD who is doing preemie MRIs) with many interesting results -- especially on memory problems and hippocampus size in preemies, and MRI studies showing about the effects of ventilator therapy.

Joan McKenty said...

Thanks for the links Helen and Stacy. There is SO much research and information available.

I do not have time to read much of the info now but have bookmarked it.

A question for Stacy, if you ever get back to this blog and see it! Does the online seminar include info on what is described as Developmental Coordination Disorder?

Thanks for any info,