Saturday, January 5, 2008

No More Pictures On My Blog

I knew better than to put pictures on my blog. I really did. Against my better judgment, I decided to do it anyway.

Shame on me.

But, to the person who used Paige's picture in a YouTube video without asking me..


I will be spending time removing all of the pictures from past posts. I do not have the time or energy to adjust the wording though, so some posts will be a little confusing to readers who do not see this post first.


3 good eggs said...

Sorry to hear of this. Some people just have no control over taking things that dont belong to them.

How did you find out about the you tube posting with Paige's pic?

Kari said...

OMG that's crazy! I have the same question as 3 good eggs!

Laura Gilmour said...

This is a public apology. I have removed the video compiliation. I didn't realize this would create this many problems. I thought I was making an inspirational/advocacy video for individuals with NLD/autism spectrum disorders. I don't believe the compilation was degrading to the individuals in any way. I intended to surprise the parents and indivuals but I should have asked first instead. I have deleted the video and have removed all links to websites on my blog that aren't official organizations or individuals I had direct correspondance with. I thought that since the pics are already public that you wouldn't have minded.

Aidan's mom said...

Wow, Stacy. I am so sorry this happened to you. I love being able to share things about our lives, but know my antennae are up and I am wondering myself if having our pics up is such a good idea.

joan said...

Hi Stacy,

As upsetting as the situation is, I am happy to see the apology from LG and to know that the photos were removed.


Laura Gilmour said...

I still do not understand the magnitude of what I did. I know I should have asked first but I will assure you that I am of no threat to anybody or their children. I feel extremly upset that people are afraid to post photos on their blogs because of this. In the past I have honored children/individuals on my blog and recieved positive responses from parents.

The Preemie Experiment said...


Thank you for the apology and removing the video. I am hoping that you have removed the video from YouTube and not just your blog. If you choose to keep the video, please remove Paige's picture.

There could have been consequences, that could negatively effect my family, by having Paige's picture in that video.

One important point that you have missed is that Paige has NOT been diagnosed with NLD and she does not have ASD.

I realize that you did not mean any harm Laura, I honestly do. But, my emotional response to your actions is understandable.

Laura Gilmour said...

I can assure you the video and all photos have been destroyed from youtube, my blog, and my computer. As soon as I got your message, everything was destroyed. I can especially understand you being upset since the video (inadvertantly) contained misinformation. In my abnormal psychology classes PDD-NOS was referred to as an ASD (autism spectrum disorder). Sorry if that is incorrect. Also sorry for the misunderstanding about the NLD thing. I made the video because I identified with these individuals and it was my way of saying "you're my inspiration, we're in this together." I erased the entire thing, not just Paige's picture because I realized it could create problems. There are no traces of the photos or videos anywhere. The video was online for less than six hours and only had about 5 views.

To prevent anything like this from happening in the future (if you still want to display your photos for your friends), there is actually a way to disable right-clicking on photos so people cannot download them. Here is a link with information on how to protect your photos online.

Another option is to create a private facebook album for your photos so that only people you choose have access to them.

I promise never to take content or discuss information from indviduals' websites again without their explicit permission. Although I have a disability that affects social judgement I take full responsibility for the implications of my actions and learn from my mistakes. I deeply care about the children in the blogs I follow and am upset that my actions caused a child potential harm. Thank you for accepting my apology. I wish there was something I could do to erase the upset I caused you and your family.

Nancy Brown said...

While I have not had the "oppourtunity" to have Ty's stuff taken... ( that I know of) I know the hurt that has happened by using and saying mean things. Because of that I have had to make bubba private. Even from my own mother. It makes me sick!! I to would like to know how you found out about Paige's pictures?

Joan said...

I am again impressed with Laura's response to the situation - mature and responsible and truly apologetic - and at a relatively young age!

Unlike our trolls, she truly meant no harm, was not vindictive or spiteful, immediately corrected the situation the best she could, and did not hide behind anonymity.

We all learned from this (including how to prevent your photos from being downloaded!) and will be more cautious about the information we share on the internet.

Good luck to you, Laura, in your work!


The Preemie Experiment said...

Laura, I do completely forgive you and yes, it was a lesson for all of us.

For those who have asked how I found out about the pictures, it was from Laura. She left a message under the previous post, with a link to the video. She was not being malicious but, as I have said, I was upset because I was not asked.

Also, through my site meter, I have been able to see that others have gotten to my blog by searching for kids pictures, then clicking on the image. It has all left such a bad taste in my mouth.

Susie Korbel said...

That's awful. How did you even find out? I put up photos in my blog all the time and I would hope no one would take them.

Anonymous said...

Get over it. She meant no harm. If you post up pictures of your kid and make your life be known then expect this kind of thing.

Anonymous said...
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