Thursday, August 9, 2007

I'm Taking a Break


Andrea said...

Definitely takeone. Relax, read, go swimming :)

I'm reading the new Harry Potter book and like it. Talk about escapism!


twinsx2 said...

And when you return, we need to talk about insurance!

Carla said...

I seriously don't blame you. I was thinking about posting some comment relating to religion or something, but that big fetus debate moved me to stay away. Nastiness is just not necessary. I hope you enjoy your much needed vacation.

andrea said...

Would you believe my unsurance company (yes that's what I call them) just told me speech therapy is not covered for my 24 weeker?

What are they kidding? Do I have to take this crap?

Wait a minute -- can we talk here while Stacy is on vacation?

Christine said...


I used to work exclusively with insurance problems for a peds clinic. What was the reason why they wont cover? Did you appeal?

Let me know if I can help.

Helen Harrison said...

Stacy has re-opened the religion post below, but I think we can all go for an insurance thread, too!

23wktwins'mommy said...

I just wanted to apologize in any way for my part in bringing about drama associated with the last few comments on the previous post. I have been in conversations with Stacy outside of the comment section, and I want to make it clear that I do not comment to create controversy and do not cause arguments that involve personal insults, etc. In response to things I disagreed with here, I have always attempted to be respectful and stear clear of pointless remarks that insult particular individuals. I think I personally overreacted by wanting off PE's links, but I guess I was so surprised she hadn't weighed in when she did when the original commenter said that Terri was trying to copy Helen. But I have to realize not to take things too personally and realize that this blog is important to me as a source of information and linking my blog to it can possibly help other moms to 23 weekers since there are so few of us who blog regularly. Just because my blog is linked doesn't mean I agree with everything here. I should have thought about that. I was just so offened because I really feel like the Morrisons deserve a little more respect, and I'm not trying to get into a discussion about the term fetus anymore because I think I made my point quite clear. So, I do apologize if I contributed to annonymous people posting insulting words about individuals (not ever my intention.) And I'm admitting I overreacted by wanting off the blog. People are going to talk the way they want, and all I can do is state my objection when I have one. Plus I have my own blog I can vent on, so I shouldn't have been so mad at PE for not taking a stand. Thanks for listening.

Long Time Listener said...

Hi 23 Weeks Mommy
Hey- it happens :-)Cool for thinking it all through and good to see you back.
Don't forget girlie- we are ALL tired women, we have been tired women for years and some things make us go BANG when other times we can just shrug and let it go.
Often as not, these can be cultural differences that slip us up and off we go -next hissing contest starts!

Take it easy, we all need to be gentle on ourselves as our lives are knackering and when we are knackered- we can be liked caged tigers!

Chris and Vic said...

I got my Exceptional Parent magazine yesterday, and there is a piece about insurance there, Andrea.

Everyone might want to see what is written about Medicaid Waiver in EP this month . . . as the author writes, it is a "best kept secret" that might benefit many of us.

Do check Exceptional Parent online or via hardcopy.
Chris and Vic

twinsx2 said...

Insurance doesn’t cover most therapies because they are “rehabilitative in nature”. Most of our kids were never “habilitated”. If you get drunk and wreck your car, you get therapy. Born this way? No. If we do any type of insurance post I’ll post some of the limiting language from my policy. We do have a Medicaid waiver for one child and will be getting one for another. Unfortunately we have to pick a Medicaid HMO which then contains the same limiting language. I do get consults once a month with an OT and an ST. Then, we have in home people, usually college kids, who implement the program. They also help with his personal needs.

We also must use a limited list of medications. As you can imagine, it’s the basics. What frustrates me is that a whole slew of people are on Medicaid because they are disabled and were born that way. They get substandard healthcare just because they had the misfortune to not be born “normal”. And, in reading many of the medical blogs, medical personnel seem to have quite a distaste for people on Medicaid. Frustrating. We should explore this issue further.

I recently heard, and I am trying to verify this, that states with the death penalty treat the disabled worse than those without. I also heard that states with lax animal abuse laws also treat the disabled worse. But, at this point it’s all rumor and I’m looking for some sort of verification.

Future of Hope said...

PE - a break sounds like fun! However, with the school year just gearing up, I think I am considering more of a psycotic break myself.....

Seriously, you have to expect that your blog is going to stir up a lot of controversy. You have come to your own personal conclusions and beliefs over time, and you have found online "friends" that agree, validate, and support you. That is a wonderful thing, not ever to be taken lightly. And it IS NOT wrong. But many of us that have found our way here don't necessarily share all of the same beliefs or conclusions. We are not all "brand new Preemie Parents" that "don't know better yet". Many of us are seasoned parents of older kids, that are full aware of the challenges we face, and they can be many, and daunting. We have drawn different conclusions and have different opinions, but in the end we are all still crowding into the same liferaft. That is why we stay, and discuss, and question, and at times take offense. Venom and sarcasm have no place here - from either side - but inevitably, they are going to show up. Take your break and gather your reserves, but don't let it shut you down, you have a lot to offer.

Andrea said...

Hey Christine --

Sorry I didn't answer sooner, you know how it is.

Turns out we never even got this info from the insurance company. Easter seals coded it wrong, I think, Although ECI SUCKS for speech therapy. Love them for OT and PT, but speech? Wasting my time completely.

Anyone else had this experience?