Monday, August 27, 2007

Executive Decisions

It's time for another installment of... Hubby Teasing Time.

(in case you need to catch up, read here and here)

For all you dad's out there, executive decisions are ALWAYS best left to the mom.

My husband made 2 of them lately, without consulting me first.

The first one came the day we were at the mall, pushing her around in the wheelchair. We were strolling along, me pushing our little guy and him pushing Paige when he blurts out, "Hey Paige, do you want to get your ears pierced?"

Did I hear him right? Did he just ask our fashion princess, wanna be teenager, master accessorizer, 8 year old with severe sensory issues, if she wanted her ears pierced? Without asking me first? I must have heard wrong. That's a pretty big executive decision for a dad to make!

Nope, I had heard correctly and as I am picking my jaw off of the floor, Paige answers, "Really? All right!"

Daddy turns to me with this, "Oh shit. I didn't think she would say yes" look on his face.

The second executive decision came a few weeks after that first one. His mother and her husband were over eating dinner with us. Paige had been especially off the wall that day and we both We were just about finished eating when Daddy says, "So Paige, do you want to sleep over at Grandma's tonight?"

Did he actually make yet another executive decision without asking me first?

Once again that "oh shit" look came over him when she said "yes"?

Sleeping over at Grandma's. No big deal right? But what you don't know is that Paige has never slept away from home and has never even been put to bed without both of us there. And, let us not forget her sound sensitivity... IT WAS THE NIGHT OF THE 4TH OF JULY. And, on top of all of that, we were expecting a severe thunderstorm.

All in all it worked out. Paige stayed up, out of fear from all of the noise, until past 2am. She liked staying at Grandma's and Daddy and I did ok too. (ok, so I cried a little).

Let's just hope that Daddy learned his lesson on making those executive decisions! I wonder what will come out of his mouth next.

Are you wondering about her ears? ....


Laura said...

lol about the daddy and the executive decision maker in the house....sounds like our circus act. years later and the ringmaster still sometimes forgets or maybe those sweet girls distract him when he is weak...then he remembers...most of the time.
congrats to your girl on the new ear rings. i hope they heal nicely and are lovely. my #4 darling daughter has decided at age 11 she is ready as well.

Ask A Life Coach! said...

I think it's neat that he made the decision, she wanted it, and she went for stuff she wanted even though it skirted scary areas for her.

The Preemie Experiment said...

Paige has been wanting to get her ears pierced for about a year now. I held off because of her sensory issues. I wasn't worried about the actual piercing, but the 8 weeks of daily cleaning. Since Daddy made the decision, he did at least 1/2 of the daily cleanings. hehe

She is one brave girl though. As soon as they were done piercing her ears (they did both at once at my asking) she smiled and said, "that's it?" Gotta love her pain tollerance!

Helen Harrison said...

In our family (and many others I know) it is the dad who pushes the envelope -- usually for the good!

A very recent example: Ed has just been through neurosurgery (very complicated shunt revision)and he still has a scab on his abdominal incision. I was scared of taking him to the mountains because the elevation change can bring on pressure-related neurological symptoms.

But DH was having severe Sierra withdrawal, and isisted on taking Ed with him, and a group of friends and family members, to the mountains. They are just back and Ed had the time of his life.

This has been a pattern, and, on balance, a good one, throughout Ed's life.

I remember my own father letting us kids go on adventures and take risks that would make mom's hair stand on end! These were some of the best times of my early life.

kate said...

So funny. I totally see that expression on my husband's face when he does the same. I'm glad it all worked out, though.

Doc's Girl said... careful what you ask! :o)

Jenny said...

Wow, she's braver than I! I didn't get my ears pierced until I was nearly 23, and I nearly fainted after it was over. How are her ears doing so far?

Stacy said...

It's been almost 3 months since she got them pierced and her ears are doing wonderful. They healed beautifully.

We had a scare a few weeks ago. Her brother (16 months) decided that he wanted to comb her hair and ripped out her earing with the comb. Thankfully her ear didn't rip and we were able to put the earing right back in.