Sunday, July 1, 2007


Below is a list, according to my site meter, of how people happened upon my blog based on their search criteria.

* preemies and brain bleeds and statistics
* adult micropreemies
* preemie metabolic syndrome
* preemies and oral aversions
* behavior problems and preemies as they get older
* preemie hearing sensitivity
* micropreemie ostomy bag
* chance of having preterm birth again after having full-term pregnancy in between
* TPN to tube feeding in micropreemies
* preemie long term effects 28 weeks
* problems in school age preemie

The list speaks volumes.


Nancy Brown said...

its funny. I have half of those googled on mine. Hope they found what they were looking for!!

Doc's Girl said...


Kitty - The Librarian Fox said...

That's quite sad really. I hope they found the answers they were looking for.

(I read your blog and I am on INS blog where you were hailed as a very brave person if you remember that by us)

The Preemie Experiment said...

So many people are searching for the same info. Hmmmm...

Miss Kitty... I sure do remember you and everyone at INS. I check the blog daily. Thanks for checking in here too!!

Kitty - The Librarian Fox said...

I am interested in this subject as well, it tends to pop whenever you end up in a discussion about when/if you should save a fetus and not. I think it's remarkable that you can see the more negative aspects besides loving your daughter for everything that she is.

As I've said before- keep up the good work!

PS.Expect to see more of me:)

Anonymous said...

I have a preemie (born 1 lb 1 oz) who is now 3 yrs old and is 21 lbs.. (almost 22 lbs YAY!!) Our issue is eating. She has been diagnosed with FTT and is now being fed on a g-tube. While I am thankful it's getting her the nutrition she needs, she is not eating but a few bites a day. I would love to know more info about feeding disorders and possibly if there is something that I, nor the doctors, aren't catching. I have taken her to an Endo doc and she did all the blood work. Everything came back normal. I just feel stumped and don't know what else to do.

Ok.. enough venting..... FOR NOW =)

please email me if something about my post catches your eye. Thank you!!