Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Research in the area of Prolonged or Chronic Pain in the Newborn

(Sending "thanks" out to Sheila for posting this information)

Dear parents,

I would like to invite you to take part in research concerning prolonged or chronic pain in the newborn. In the last decades much work has been done regarding acute and procedural pain. Prolonged or chronic pain still needs exploration. With the aid of your opinion and the Delphi method we aim at describing the concept of chronic pain in the newborn, including a definition and description of etiologic and diagnostic determinants.

You can find detailed information about the background and methodology on www.ceepain.org

. Furthermore, on www.ceepain.org
you can participate in the first of our three-round Delphi survey. In this first round you will be asked to answer three short, open-ended questions.

With kind regards,

Christ-jan van Ganzewinkel

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

Department of Neonatology

Máxima Medical Centre

Veldhoven, The Netherlands


Prof Kim Gutschow said...

Dear Researchers:

Unfortunately the link only allows one to enter Round 2 of the experiment, not begin at Round 1. Thus, if one missed Round 1 and did not enter an email at that time, there is no chance to participate at this time.

I would very much have liked to participate but understand if the study requires participation for all 3 rounds. If so, please update your web server to allow participants to enter at Round 1.

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Just as Tammy said, your blog is missed. I hopw Paige and Tyler are doing well.


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It's very interesting. Thanks to the author.

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very sad to see this blog has ended... why?

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What happened to your blog? It is missed!


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I check in from time to time. Hope you start posting to your blog again soon. thanks.

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Can you give us a little update???

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