Monday, March 24, 2008

Ethics Series

For the past few years I have been very intrigued by ethics discussions-on all topics. Obviously the topic of prematurity-as it relates to ethics-is close to my heart.

I would like to start hosting a series of ethical discussions. I don't know how often I will be posting in the series. I guess it will depend on all of you.

First I am asking that we try, as best as possible, to keep the discussion civil. I've learned a lot about people and various topics through ethical discussions. This is my hope here. If we snap at each other or make it too personal, it won't work. I realize that arguing your point is normal in these types of discussions, but putting one another down or assuming there is a hidden agenda will defeat the purpose. The topics won't be easy to read or respond to at times. If you are feeling vulnerable-please don't enter into the discussion. Prematurity can leave a person raw at times. It is these times when it is best to come back to my blog during another discussion and leave the ethical topics for another time.

Secondly, leave your deity at the door. If we make the discussion about (insert your belief here) then it would not be a valuable ethics discussion, as everyones beliefs (or lack thereof) are different.

Lastly, if you would like to write a question for a future ethics topic, please email me at

In a day or so (when my sick child goes back to school) I will post the first topic in the series.

First up will be Chris (Chris and Vic).


Long Terem Listener said...

Well done Stacy.Excellent topic in general.
Hope the sickness is over soon.
Good luck Chris :-)

Anonymous said...

Different subject, but did anyone else catch the big report on the Today Show this morning about the lifelong effects of prematurity? They even mentioned the fact that babies that were born very prematurely have a shorter lifespan and may have a higher risk of having infertility issues and having a premature baby themselves.

Just thought you might be interested...

Kyrsten said...

Awesome idea! As someone who reads often but doesn't post, I'm looking forward to getting involved!

One thing, though: you requested that we "leave [our] deity out of it." I submit that -in many cases- a person's beliefs form the basis of their ethical positions.

As a public educator, I so value the open, respectful discussions I can have with students of different faiths-- as long as we're sure to clarify that "this is what *I* believe..."

Corey said...

Hello! I feel pretty fortunate to have stumbled upon your site.

As a new parent of a preemie(32.5) boy, I look forward to your posts and especially your "Ethics Series."

NICU101 said...

Stacy - Great idea!
Carla - Thanks for the info on the Today Show. I found the video on their website.